Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Tool to Help State Policymakers Maximize Medicaid Resources

The Center for Health Care Strategies has just posted an important new resource on “Maximizing Quality and Value in Medicaid: Using Return on Investment Forecasting to Support Effective Policymaking”

Return on investment (ROI) analysis, which has been used in the private sector for decades to inform the allocation of limited resources, is a useful technique for supporting cost-effective policy decisions. Effective allocation of limited Medicaid resources is a policy imperative, and the use of ROI forecasting can ensure responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars in all economic climates. … The brief includes specific examples of how states are using ROI forecasts to support quality improvement efforts as well as resources for policymakers interested in using ROI forecasting, including CHCS' web-based ROI Forecasting Calculator for Quality Initiatives.

For policies to maximize federal dollars and returns on investment.

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