Monday, May 18, 2009

A Guide for States to Maximize Enrollment for Uninsured Children

The National Academy for State Health Policy has issued a new brief that

reviews literature and expert opinions to elaborate on seven strategies states can implement to maximize enrollment for uninsured children eligible for public coverage. From simplifying the enrollment process to implementing the latest technology and urging political leaders to make enrollment a priority, the report lays out key steps that states may consider when tackling the difficult issues of making sure the pathways for enrollment and renewal for all eligible children are as efficient as possible. The seven strategies states can pursue are:

  • Keeping enrollment and renewal procedures simple
  • Reaching out through community-based organizations and institutions
  • Using technology to coordinate programs and reduce administrative burdens
  • Changing agency culture to promote enrollment
  • Engaging leaders to champion the goal of enrolling children
  • Engaging partners to help reach enrollment goals
  • Using marketing to promote enrollment in public programs

For policies to maximize medicaid and SCHIP

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