Monday, May 4, 2009

Foundations Step Up to Help States Stem Home Foreclosures reports that the current economic downturn has foundations focusing investments on government priorities, community needs, and protecting services for children and families.

For example, a number of foundations have invested in reducing foreclosures, including The Ford Foundation "giving more than $8 million to that effort, including a $2 million grant to Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta to eliminate delays faced by homeowners in foreclosure. …In Washington State, corporations like Microsoft and Boeing are now partnering with the Seattle Foundation to raise $6 million over the next three years to provide comprehensive services to families in economic distress. In February, five agencies received grants of $250,000 each to stabilize housing through foreclosure counseling, to train families on how to stay out of debt, and to help people build toward long-term security.“We will continue to monitor changing needs and service gaps – as the impact of public stimulus funding begins to take hold, “ said Molly Stearns, senior vice president of the Seattle Foundation." For more information on strategies to reduce home foreclosures.

Using Results to Target Limited Resources

In a previous post, we talked about how tough fiscal times provide an important opportunity to focus investments on the results we want to achieve. is designed to help policymakers, and those who work with them, make effective budget decisions that will both protect the most vulnerable and achieve long-term results for their state. For more information on guidelines and strategies during tight budget times to set priorities, focus on results, and avoid short-term cuts that may devastate vulnerable children and families for the long-term.

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