Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Preschool Cost Estimator for States

An oldie but a goodie by the American Institutes for Research, the Preschool Cost Estimator is a user-friendly tool to assess the cost of phasing in access to preschool:
• While the tool is designed to focus on the cost of preschool at the local level, you can also use it to estimate the cost statewide.

• You can estimate the cost of a program available to all, or you can select a more targeted initiative, such as a program focused on children in low API school attendance areas, Title I school neighborhoods, or children from low-income families.

• You can use the tool to estimate the cost of implementing preschool at various projected participation rates.

• You can choose a timeframe for implementation that ranges from one to 10 years.

• You can also incorporate inflation, population growth, and infrastructure, such as facilities and workforce development.
For policies to support early academic success.

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