Friday, June 17, 2011

New Resources: Vital Links Between Affordable Housing and Health and Education Outcomes

The Center for Housing Policy recently released fantastic new resources that analyze research and the links between affordable housing policy and health and education outcomes, respectively.

The brief The Impacts of Affordable Housing on Health: A Research Summary presents the results of research on the pathways through which affordable housing can affect the health of residents, especially children. Findings include that affordable housing allows families to achieve greater residential stability, reducing the stress and disruptions associated with frequent or unwanted moves and providing a platform for individuals with chronic illnesses and other conditions to receive needed care.

The Impacts of Affordable Housing on Education: A Research Summary discusses a large body of research suggesting that stable, affordable housing provides children with enhanced opportunities for educational success. The brief highlights, among other findings, that stable, affordable housing complements the efforts of educators, leading to better student achievement, reduced absenteeism, and reductions in student turnover rates.

Check out these new resources and a related report, Should I Stay or Should I Go? Exploring the Effects of Housing Instability and Mobility on Children, to better understand how affordable housing can support positive health and education outcomes for children.

Visit PolicyForResults to learn more about strategies to support early grade-level reading and ensure that children are healthy. Sign up for updates on the PolicyForResults homepage, and stay tuned for strategies to promote affordable housing—coming soon!

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