Monday, June 13, 2011

Connecticut Passes First Sick Leave Law

In Connecticut both the State Senate and the House of Representatives passed legislation that would ensure statewide paid sick days. The law, supported by Governor Malloy, will be the first state law in the country to ensure paid sick leave and will affect service workers in 68 occupations (including food service managers, home health aides, janitors, cashiers, cooks, bartenders, crossing guards, dental hygienists, bellhops, bakers, computer operators, bus drivers and waitresses). The legislation allows for employees to use the leave to take care of their own illness or injury, related treatment and preventive medical care, or take care of a child or spouse. Workers can also use the time for reasons related to family violence or sexual assault.

The law is expected to enable safer workplaces for co-workers and service provision at restaurants, nursing homes, schools and other workplaces. This is also incredibly important for Connecticut families. Parents around the state will be able to stay home with children when they are sick – instead of sending them to daycare or school. Additionally, ensure that working families do not lose pay when they need to be home with sick children or to care for themselves, is a valuable support for families that are working hard to make ends meet.

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