Monday, May 30, 2011

The Early Learning Challenge

On May 25th, the federal government announced it will allocate 500 million to a new Race to the Top competition establishing and expanding high-quality early learning programs. These competitive grants, called The Early Learning Challenge, will allow states to develop child care and preschool programs pertaining to health, social, emotional, and educational outcomes for children from birth to age 5, particularly serving underprivileged populations. The application for funds under the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge encourage states to increase access to early learning programs for low-income children, construct interconnected and clear systems that correlate early care and education programs, bolster training for the early learning workforce, implement comprehensive assessments based on sound recommendations, and assist parental decision-making regarding early childhood care. The Early Learning Challenge offers a promising opportunity for states to receive financial support for early childhood care and education and serves as a worthwhile alternative to explore.

For more information on the strategies pertaining to the development of early learning programs and policy initiatives, visit Policy for Results.

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