Thursday, December 2, 2010

New on! Youth Transitioning From Foster Care

The Center for the Study of Social Policy has developed a new section on focused on youth transitioning from foster care. The new section was developed in partnership with the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative  a leader in the field in developing effective strategies and policies to support foster youth. The Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative has been instrumental in bringing national attention to the issue of youth aging out of foster care without the supports necessary to be prepared for life. Their pioneering work has ensured that 1,000’s of youth leave foster care ready to be successful adults.

Visit for policies on expanding economic opportunities, affordable housing options and educational supports for transitioning youth.


  1. Wonderful and critical section, and we here at Juvenile Law Center look forward to following the content on this page.

    We recently devoted Episode 2 of our podcast, "Pursuing Justice," to the issue of youth aging out of care. Several youth provide insight on the unique challenges they've faced while making the transition:

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the tip about your podcast which I have just tweeted on @policy4results.