Monday, November 22, 2010

Four Lessons on Making and Sustaining Reform

Reclaiming Futures, an organization focused on teenagers caught in the cycle of drugs alcohol and crime, posted Reforming the Juvenile Justice System – Four Lessons from an Expert. The blog post, on Reclaiming Futures Every Day, is the product of an interview with Bart Lubow, director of Programs for High Risk Youth at the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The four lessons, provided in detail in the linked post are:

  • Lesson #1: Be Specific About What You’re Changing
  • Lesson #2: Tell Your Staff and Partners What You’re Doing and Why
  • Lesson #3: Keeping it Going – It Ain’t About the Money
  • Lesson #4: In Lean Times, Support What Works, Not the Status Quo

This post is specifically in reference to Juvenile Justice Reform; however the same lessons are applicable to other policy and practice reform efforts.

For a framework on reforming and sustaining policy change.

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