Thursday, January 7, 2010

Juvenile Reentry: Recommendations for Policymakers

The Youth Reentry Task Force of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition has issued a report with recommendations for the federal government on improving outcomes for youth through improved reentry. Back on Track: Supporting Youth Reentry from Out-of-Home Placement to the Community looks at the characteristics of reentry youth, the collateral consequences associated with out-of-home-placement and the essential components of youth reentry services. The report recommends that effective reentry services should:
  • Be located in the community where returning youth live;
  • Be individualized to assist with developmental deficits;
  • Concentrate heavily on ensuring school reenrollment, attendance, and success;
  • Focus on permanent family/guardianship connections;
  • Include access to mental health and substance abuse treatment;
  • Recognize the diverse needs of returning youth;
  • Include a structured workforce preparation and employment component; and
  • Include housing support and assistance for youth who cannot live with relatives and are transitioning to adulthood.

For state policies to improve outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system.

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