Friday, January 29, 2010

Child Care as a Competitive Target for Stimulus of Economic Development?

The Cornell University Linking Economic Development and Child Care Research Project’s Child Care Multipliers: Stimulus for the States makes the case that the child care sector’s contribution to the economy makes it a competitive target for dollars to stimulate economic development. Through its direct employment and output and purchase of goods and services, child care contributes significantly to the regional economy. The author’s analysis found that, on average, each new dollar spent in the child care sector produces a broader statewide impact of two dollars; each new job created in the sector means 1.5 jobs statewide. In addition to its importance as a parental support and contributor to child well-being, child care is established by this paper as a smart, strategic target for economic development policy and funding.

Policies to increase early care and education and expand economic opportunity.

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