Friday, October 16, 2009

Collaborative Pre-K Programming

Pre-K Now’sBeyond the School Yard: Pre-K Collaborations with Community-Based Partners” describes promising practices and challenges in the collaborations between K-12 leaders and community-based providers to provide high-quality pre-k programs. With significant research showing the positive effects of high-quality pre-k on children and their future learning opportunities, as well as expertise and resource constraints, K-12 officials are exploring collaborations with community-based programs like child care centers, Head Start, and faith-based organizations. Pre-K Now’s report provides concrete steps to develop effective collaborations and offers policy recommendations to facilitate their development.
For education leaders with a traditional K-12 perspective, collaboration often presents both new opportunities and new difficulties, from establishing relationships with early care providers to developing a shared definition of “school readiness.” While implementing a pre-k program in partnership with community-based organizations may require more time and effort, this strategy ultimately benefits all stakeholders: public schools, private providers, families and children.
Policies to improve early grade-level reading, as well as strategies for investment in quality prekindergarten.

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