Monday, August 17, 2009

Stimulus Money for Early Childhood State Advisory Councils

HHS has issued application guidelines and a letter to Governors advising them of funding availability for the development or enhancement of a high-quality, comprehensive system of early childhood development and care that ensures statewide coordination and collaboration among the wide range of early childhood programs and services in the State, including child care, Head Start, IDEA preschool and infants and families programs, and pre-kindergarten programs and services. By August, 2010 the State must prepare and submit an application that includes:

  • A statewide strategic report addressing the activities of the Advisory Council.
  • A description, for each fiscal year, of how the State will make effective use of funds available to facilitate the development or enhancement of high-quality systems of early childhood education and care designed to improve school preparedness by developing or enhancing programs and activities consistent with the statewide strategic plan.
  • A description of the State early learning standards and the State's goals for increasing the number of children entering kindergarten ready to learn.
  • Information identifying the agency or joint interagency office, and the individual designated by the Governor to coordinate the activities of the State Advisory Council.
  • A description of how the State plans to sustain activities beyond the grant period.

For policies to support kindergarten readiness.

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