Monday, August 24, 2009

Funding Sources for Community-based Early Learning Initiatives

Finding Funding: Supporting Making Connections Core Result that Children are Healthy and Prepared to Succeed in School is a new guide issued by the Finance Project. The guide is designed to help local initiatives identify and secure adequate funding to sustain and
expand programs that achieve results.
Fragmented funding streams make it difficult for leaders to support children and families in comprehensive ways. Moreover, the current economic environment—a historic federal deficit, budget cuts at state/local levels, and declines in some foundation and business giving—challenges leaders to be especially strategic and creative about financing and sustaining their work over the coming years. This guide ... overviews a diverse set of public and private funding sources that you can access, blend and braid to help meet the fiscal needs of your initiatives over time.
For policies to support children healthy and prepared to succeed in school.

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