Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New on Policy For Results! Promoting Children's Social, Emotional and Behavioral Health.

Just over 20 percent of children (or 1 in 5) have either currently or at some point in their lives experienced a seriously debilitating mental disorder. Unfortunately, most children with mental health disorders do not get the supports and services that they need.

In order for children to meet developmental milestones, learn, grow and lead productive lives, it is critical that they be healthy. Good social, emotional and mental health is a key component of children’s health and healthy development.

As a part of its commitment to ensuring that all children are healthy, the Center for the Study of Social Policy has developed a new section on and a corresponding report that focuses specifically on promoting children’s social, emotional and behavioral health.

In addition to facts about the issue, the new section includes policy strategies that states can use to promote children’s full health. The information in this section is designed to support policymakers in their efforts to ensure that all families have access to necessary, quality care. State policymakers can help children grow up with the supports they need to be healthy and productive.

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