Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Resources on the Budget!

While the long and unconventional Congressional budget process for FY2012 is barely over (4 months into the fiscal year) – we are fast approaching the release of the President’s FY2013 Budget Proposal. In an attempt to simplify what is an increasingly confusing process we thought we would assemble a list of common budget vocabulary to help untangle some of the terminology frequently used. Additionally, CSSP’s Investing in Community Change blog is also running a series on the FY2012 budget process aimed at assisting community members and community-based organizations. As the 2013 process moves forward we will continue to provide resources and updates on the policy agenda articulated through the President’s Budget Proposal as well as appropriations as they are addressed in Congress.

For a great introduction to the federal budget process visit the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

For a breakdown of the key budget issues for children and families in the FY2012 Budget visit the American Humane Association.

For policy solutions to meet the needs of children and families in difficult economic times visit PolicyforResults. Click here for PfR’s Federal Budget Vocabulary Tip Sheet.