Monday, July 11, 2011

New tool from Half in 10!

The Half in Ten campaign and the Coalition on Human Needs recently released a new tool called, the Road to Shared Prosperity. The tool is an interactive state-by-state map displaying a collection of personal stories about programs across the country that they feel exemplify efforts toward building the American Dream. The map allows for users to click either by subject (such as childcare, education, health, tax credits, nutrition assistance, housing and utilities and jobs and training) or by state – in order to learn about people’s personal experiences with different services and supports. The tool includes not only videos of people addressing their efforts in a state, but also demographic information about the state; including the rate of poverty, percentage of state spending that comes from the federal government, minimum wage workers annual salary, the number of children in need of childcare, etc. The tool is a great way to learn about personal experiences in different communities across the states. For policymakers it is a great way to hear personal stories from constituents as well as to hear what is working for people across the country.

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