Friday, June 11, 2010

Updates on!

Two policy areas have been updated with new research-informed policy recommendations: improving grade level reading and reducing child poverty.

School absences start to affect student performance as early as kindergarten, especially for low-income children. Children who are chronically absent in kindergarten, missing 10 percent of the school year, suffer academically in 1st grade. For poor children, the effects can last through the 5th grade. Policymakers can lead the efforts in their states to track this important data and establish chronic absence as an early warning sign of students and schools headed off track for academic success. In partnership with Hedy Chang, the director of Attendance Counts, the Center for the Study of Social Policy has added important new state policy recommendations to reduce chronic absences on

Also new on are updated research and recommendations to reduce child poverty by increasing household financial resources through job creation, controlling household costs by reducing predatory financial practices and more!

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