Friday, May 14, 2010

The Promise Scorecard ™ -designed for Promise Neighborhoods.

The Results Leadership Group has announced the Promise Scorecard ™ - a web-based software application designed for Promise Neighborhoods. Promise Scorecard ™ will help Promise Neighborhood Program applicants to:

  • Link all stakeholders through an interactive, Web-based interface. The tool is simple and easy to use even for "non-technical" users and requires .
  • Organize decision making to work backwards from ends to means - begin with desired outcomes for children and youth and work backwards with data to determine the best means to achieve those ends.
  • Succinctly capture and report the entire decision-making process including underlying analysis and data.
  • Facilitate collaboration and engagement of stakeholders in the decision making process efficiently, systematically, and transparently.
  • Automatically import and filter data from outside databases (ie case management systems, school databases, individual program databases, etc.) on a regular basis.
  • Plot the trend lines of children and youth outcomes measures across a community as well as "customer outcomes" for individual programs, agencies, and service systems.
  • Facilitate and report for a Promise Neighborhood both (1) the initial planning process and (2) continuous, rapid-time monitoring, learning, and improvement.
  • Allows stakeholder to maintain a broad, strategic perspective or, when needed, to "drill down" to as much detail as is desired.
  • Facilitate and report systems thinking - seeing the whole as well as the parts, thinking long-term as well as short-term and, thereby, building integrated continuums of solutions.
For more information -- including a brief pre-recorded webinar demonstration.

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