Friday, April 16, 2010

What Works for Youth in Transition to Adulthood

Child Trends new fact sheet looks at what works for older youth transitioning to adulthood. Reviewing findings from 31 studies of the impacts of different intervention strategies on emerging adults, Child Trends highlights programs and policies that effectively serve older youth by promoting their positive development and encouraging self-sufficiency. Their findings include:

  • Providing child care for program participants has been associated with success across youth outcomes.
  • Program strategies specifically geared toward increasing employment have had mixed impacts.
  • Requiring youth to take topically relevant classes may lead to higher levels of school engagement.
  • None of the sexual risk-taking programs are consistently successful at changing behaviors among youth.
  • Case management can be effective at improving education and employment outcomes.

This analysis provides important insight into effective practices for policymakers and practitioners as they craft and implement programs to serve the unique needs of young adults. Specific intervention strategies support the development of older youth and their success in domains such as employment, parenting, health and mental health, education, and life skills.

For policies to prepare youth to succeed in life.

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