Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How Effective are Programs for Delinquent Girls?

The Government Accounting Office has issued a new report to review OJJDP's efforts related to studying and promoting effective girls' delinquency programs.
This report addresses the following questions: 1. What efforts, if any, has
OJJDP made to assess the effectiveness of girls' delinquency programs? 2. To
what extent are OJJDP's efforts to assess girls' delinquency programs consistent
with generally accepted social science standards and the internal control
standard to communicate with external stakeholders? 3. What are the findings
from OJJDP's efforts to assess the effectiveness of girls' delinquency programs,
and how, if at all, does OJJDP plan to address the findings from these efforts?
For policies to reduce juvenile detention.

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